Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

The Clear Road Ahead

Today was Oban's 'March for Scottish Independence', and a large number of folk turned out to march from Atlantis Leisure down through the town and up to Mossfield for a rally. Just as the last of the banner-waving crowd passed by the entrance to Station Square the heavens opened. We opted for hot chocolate in a nearby cafe!

There was a lot of shouting and whistle-blowing but some jollity too, and a huge squad of Saltire trailing bikers came through at one point. A little bit of aggro was visible as the march passed a group of flag waving Unionists and one man had to be forcibly restrained by his friends and pulled on!

This is not a political Blip of course, though I couldn't resist titling this picture! 

My extras show a few general pictures.

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