Capital adventures

By marchmont

Cordiale cordial

There is a mystery: I have lost/mislaid a swimsuit. I have two and one is missing. I've checked both pools and it's not there and I didn't b think not could be but where is it. I've looked. I'll have to look more. Sometime in the last week it went AWOL.

But I did swim: great a lane all to myself so room for backstroke.

Later I went out and picked elderflowers for cordial, probably far too many. I'm in to the virtual making. I may b do some more rhubarb later. Bought some strawberry plants. That must be the end of the plant buying this year. Then to the Manor to set up the new phone and sort some financial stuff.

Came home to stew elderflowers and plant strawberries.

My watch is ok with its new battery. I've stopped thinking I'll buy a new one.

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