Where's ............

 ................ BikerBear Now?  (WBBN?)

Day 13/16 .......

That 'golden hour' again - well, to be fair it's more like a golden 20 minutes.
It happens most days around 07.00 when I am walking the beach.  Always good for almost silhouette shots.

In the extras are a couple of trio/duo collages - one is three shots around the hotel, the other my dancing heron (it could be another heron as I've seen three at the same time but I like to think it's "mine") from yesterday and a cheeky noisy mynah bird that are all around the place.  I love their feistyness.   

Thank you for all the love on Saturday's blip - pushed me onto the middle row of page one of the popular page - I haven't been there in a while!!  Am thrilled.

Holiday winding down, two full days left here and then travelling the long journey back home - some of you have guessed where I am, a lot have the country and a couple the actual island/resort.  You know who you are ....... I will reveal all tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your company along the way .............

~ Anni ~

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