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Tiny .................

 .............. Tuesday264  (TT264)  -  with thanks to Trisharooni for hosting with the optional theme of " vegetable ".

Fungi is not strictly a vegetable but it is edible and not meat so I'm stretching it a bit!!!!   :o))

These are teeny tiny and growing all over an old stump in a back corner of the garden.

Smile for the Day:

The son of a builder is coming up to his sixth birthday and his Dad asks him what he would like as a gift.

" What I really want " he says  " is a baby brother "
" Sorry son "  says his father  " your birthday is a week away and I can't get you a baby brother in that short time "

The boy looks at him and replies  " Can't you do what you do at work, Dad,  just put more men on the job?? "

Boom boom!


~ Anni ~

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