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Mono ...........

 ............. Monday334  (MM334) - today's optional theme "Hectic".

Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting this month.

Spent the afternoon lifting slabs in the back garden - heavy work and my back tells me so now!

Under the slabs were ants - thousands of them - fascinating to watch as they hectically carried all the eggs and larvae into burrows in double quick time.

Now, as I am sure Hilly,  Deb,  Suzanne,  Maura  and  Lois  will remember ......... 

We were in the rainforest of Costa Rica in November 2018, with Cope our wonderful guide, when he pointed out the masses of huge ants all over the path we were on  -  I really have a huge aversion to them so I was high-stepping and hot-footing it along that trail with pathetic cries of  " ohh ohh ohh ohh "  with every step.  
When we finally got out onto the road there was a lot of stamping and brushing off of clothes.  

Happy memories  with fabulous friends.

Smile for the Day:

What do you get if you cross a firefly with a moth??

An insect who can find his way around a dark wardrobe!!

Boom boom!


~ Anni ~

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