A Close Encounter ..... but not of the Third Kind!

I actually had two close encounters today .... both unexpected. The first was with a large gull who brushed against my right ear as it pinched a great beakful of my icecream ..... not good :-((

The second encounter was a much more pleasant experience. While I was waiting for the train home from Oban I struck up a conversation with a lady and gentleman who had obviously been on a cycling holiday.
As usual I had my camera hanging round my neck and for the first time EVER I was asked if I was a blipper. So good to meet http://www.blipfoto.com/hazelh and her husband. Their seats on the train were just across the aisle from me so we were able to continue our chat. The world of blip is just the best :-))

The picture shows the three masts of the tall ship Lord Nelson. The ship, which was launched in 1986, is operated by the Jubilee Sailing Trust and is one of only two tall ships in the world that are wheelchair accessible throughout

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