By strawhouse

The Next Train is Delayed

Now Mr K has actually found a job we're making the most of his last few weeks of freedom.
We took the car to the tyre garage this morning and went for a walk along the old railway walk. It's a lovely walk but it always makes me a bit sad to think of how it used to be. This is the platform of Buckingham station. You can feel the ghosts of the railway, the station buildings, all those thousands of people passing through. 
We haven't walked down there for years (wow, not since the Little Misses were teeny!!) and we cant really understand why! 
We got into a ridiculous row about the imaginary builders in the imaginary house we'd build if we won the lottery!!!!! I like to think in exciting generalisations, Mr K likes to be very specific, not getting past why the - imaginary - builders wouldn't take on the job or wouldn't do what we wanted. Because they're old and set in their ways. 
Ha ha ha, so ridiculous!!!!
We'd just about made our peace when it was time to go and get the car with it's lovely unthreadbare tyres. 

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