The other day when we went to the garden centre in Bicester I accidentally bought a deadly poisonous plant. Well perhaps not deadly poisonous but toxic to animals and Archie does love to eat leaves!! Miraculously I still have the receipt so I thought I'd take it back and swap it for something else. 
Also when I was there the other day I couldn't help but notice that the garden centre been taken over by someone new and it all looked very nice.
So I rang mum and asked if she fancied coming with me for lunch after my lessons. 
We had a lovely couple of hours - looking at all the homewares and clothes (what else in a garden centre?!!) drinking tea, eating lunch (delicious haddock chowder for me which came on a pleasingly posh tray with yummy bread!!) Mum resents paying garden centre prices so just watched me had Earl Grey tea which she said was delicious!
Then we had a rushed look round the actual plants. I swapped my killer plant for a more suitable astilbe . Which can happily waft away and not kill Archie!
Naturally I left twenty minutes late than I had planned to so it was a slightly rushed, fraught journey to Miss E's school. As usual I made it by the skin of my teeth. I'm rarely actually late for anything it's just that I make it so stressful by leaving everything to the absolute last possible minute rather than doing it in good time. Sigh!!

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