Here is a section of Whidbey Island, seen from the parking lot at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park.  The light was rather glary, but I did my best to see and capture it.

So far it's been a lovely day.  While the cleaners were here I took myself out to lunch again and ate the same omelet.  It turns out they don't use salt when they cook it, so I won't have to ask them to leave it out in future.  Then I drove down to the park to get my blip, and home to a spotless, uncluttered home.

Since I got home, I had Minkelina on my lap for a while. Then I've been moving bags for Goodwill into the living room so that I can clear some floor space in the workroom to continue my clear-out.  Now to Lex's house for dinner and the finale of Project Runway.  I know who I'm rooting for to win' I think Lex hasn't decided yet.

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