By dreaming

Clearing out

I have spent the afternoon trying to clear out half of the closet in my workroom and all is chaos.  A lot of what was there is stuff that moved here with me twelve years ago and sorting it out has created chaos.  I was surprised to discover a box of videotapes, since there are no VCRs any more, and there was my treasured video of Seven Samurai, my all-time favorite film.

I was introduced to Seven Samurai by the same long-ago boyfriend who introduced me to science fiction.  The relationship sadly ended but Seven Samurai remains with me.  It has everything a great film needs - interesting and varied characters, an engrossing plot, a bit of romance, samurai, sword fights, torrential rain, and a big down-and-dirty battle between good (samurai) and evil (bandits).  The acting is really fine as well.  The American film The Magnificent Seven adapted the story years later, but it doesn't come anywhere near the sweep and grandeur of the original. 

I sat down this afternoon and ordered a DVD of the film from Amazon, so I can own it again and go on introducing others to it.  If you've never seen it, your should.

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