Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

That's how the light gets in and all that

guardians surrounded
by clouds and crown of light
heralding fine day

Not much to say about Monday, when this photo was taken, so I'll talk about today, Tuesday, instead, as I've finally had the news I'd been waiting for for weeks: I have a date for my op!

It'll be on 3rd July, St Thomas' Day, and I have to be at the hospital on 2nd July by 2 pm. Before that, I'll have an appointment with the anesthetist on 27th June.

However, I make it sound as if it was a smooth affair, which it wasn't at all: when I first had the call I heard "Hello is this Mr DH? This is the Fondation Rothschild, Dr A.'s assistant here. I'm calling to confirm your op is scheduled for Thursday"

Me: "What? You don't mean this Thursday? I've been waiting for six weeks to have news, I sent emails and left voice messages that were left unanswered and you're calling me to tell me my op is in two days? Well, it's very simple: it's just not possible."

- Er, wait. Nobody called you before?
- Nope.
- Oh, wait a sec, I'd better see with Dr A, in that case.
- Yes, I think you had."

Bottom line is: they apparently have had problems with their emails and voicemail system, and they never got my emails and messages. They're probably lost somewhere in the limbo that is their communications system, because I never had a return message telling me my emails had not reached their recipient.

Well, long story short(-ish). It's all sorted, I have a date set, they're taking care of finding some room for me in a physio centre afterwards, and bonus: everything is taken care of, financially, through a combination of our social security system and my top-up insurance.

A few details were settled in the course of the afternoon. There just remains the matter of the cats to be taken care of...

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