Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Panel discussion

Today, I went to another DBWC meeting. A few things were different... firstly, it was an incredibly humid day, secondly, I arrived too late and had to have my car valet parked. (I was in the Volvo and am beginning to avoid letting anyone else drive it). Thirdly, we were in a much bigger room and lastly, we had a panel discussion followed by a book launch rather than a workshop.

The subject today was Inclusion, Innovation and Sustainability for businesses of the future. It wasn't really something for our little company, but the networking opportunity was super. So much so, I dropped someone back to their office in Business Bay.

I've already mentioned it once, but the humidity today was something else, and it never lifted. 41degC with a feel of 53 because of it. Ugh! The Volvo did surprisingly well especially after it just about made it home the last time we took it out (on Friday morning).

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