Capital adventures

By marchmont


I deliberately got up late and prepped for today's meeting. The new swimsuit arrived 2 days early and the sunshine and wind meant the washing went out.

I chaired the Board, a bit of a baptism of fire. The chair and another member were dialling in but the technology was unreliable, as ever. However, things went well and we finished early.

There was another change to the weekend's programme. Mintlaw is now off as A and C have to go south for a funeral. My 6 day trip is now down to 4 days.

Changed from my 'dressed for chairing' clothes into my 'dressed for a firepit' outfit and headed for the Park. The Parliament has a heavy Police presence as Extinction Rebellion are camped out there and also up on the Crags. We looked a bit like a protest too. Not a huge turnout but former colleagues S, D and even N, now a dad of 3, the latest being a girl of 3 months.

Got home slightly kippered. At least I avoided the debate, and it didn't rain!

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