Capital adventures

By marchmont

Edinburgh Skyline

It wasn't that I slept badly, it was that I woke early, read, dozed listened to R3 and then slept, as it became time to get up.

More low cloud today but it did chest. I didn't the morning doing work stuff and then after lunch in the garden, I did some tidying. Looks like the fox cubs have decimated my busy fuchsia. I've stuck the bits on water. New plants may emerge.

Then a walk up to the Garden Centre (whoo hoo) via the park and Mortonhall. Mortonhall was busy, the Garden Centre less so.

I'd gone for rose food so although it was beginning to cloud over when I got back I distributed or and Grow more round the garden. I was going to make rhubarb cordial but I'll leave that till tomorrow. It's never been dry and sunny enough in the morning to pick elderflowers.

In the evening I planned a route for tomorrow and organised the quiz.

The 'lockdown' is being lifted and not before time. The kids are playing in the park, loads of folk are out socialising and my cousin's family drove 70 miles today to wish him 'happy 70th birthday'. The changes won't really affect me. I'm not taking public transport and I don't shop. To here is a lot of illogically about some of this and continuing Westminster government ineptitude.

Of course the big news was the death of Vera Lynn, 103. Even I felt sad. I'm glad she made it to VE Day though. That leaves HM, and my mum.

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