Capital adventures

By marchmont

Getting there

The pool was closed for the early sessions due to maintenance which meant I could luxuriate in a long lie.

Once up In did some choir stuff, Make Music Day event and sorting music, and revising an Apex report. It felt very gentle and unhurried.

The work continued outside and by the end of the morning the front was pretty much finished though there is sand dust a'where. The car and windows will need cleaned.

More music arrived, 3 lots delivered in person. It was so good to see people in person.

As the day warmed up I set about putting things back to rights in the front garden. Will need s bit of work. The back isn't finished though more power washing was done. I was accompanied in my work by one of this year's young foxes. I lay on the grass and she (pretty sure it's a female) was very interested in my fit flops. She then scampered through the garage and joined me in the front

I didn't work too long but did sit in the sun with my sewing and a rosé until it clouded over. Later I avoided the football by watching the RHS Bridgewater programme followed by Gardeners' World. No stunning sunset tonight.

F2F - 6
Phone calls - 2
Virtual - 0

Update - a draw, 1 point. Lots of happy Scots.

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