While on my runs

By waipushrink

Sunset behind the city

A busy day today, during which I needed (at various times, and in different places) to wear each of my different hats. At times more than one at the same time. And I discovered another hat to wear; that of a nerd.

As part of my approach to satisfying the requirements of CPD with the College, I record my reading of journal articles. In what many might describe as belt, braces and more. After I have read a paper in one of the journals I read, and decide that it is interesting, informative, or supportive of making the changes to services I am keen to see happen, I save a pdf copy in the books app on my iPad. Additionally, I summarise the paper, and keep a list of papers read. The latter help me to find the paper.

At a meeting of representatives of the Metro DHBs today about acute inpatient services, the issue of recovery based services arose. I recalled a paper I had read not too long ago, found it, talked about it and was then able to email it to the minute taker for inclusion in  the minutes. Very satisfying.

Afterwards, back at the unit, lots of clinical work. When typing the notes into the electronic record in my latest (the third) office, I saw the sunset. Fortunately, I had my camera.

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