Life through the lens...

By ValC

Another one bites the dust.

This was the sight that met us first thing this morning.
The third wood pigeon to have been dispatched this summer.
We are sure it is next door’s cats.
I have seen them sat on the gate several times. They seem to be laughing at me when I try to shoo them off.
However hope this will deter them in future.
See extra.

Next awful surprise was when MrC went to put something in the dustbin, and found it crawling with maggots.
Yuk, yuk.
Cleaned it out, and took all the rubbish to the tip. Think this was caused by the last pigeon which I treble wrapped and put in the bin before we went on holiday.

Next awful surprise was when I was doing some more gardening, and found the remains of the latest deceased pigeon hidden behind the hosta on the left of the gate.
So another trip to the tip as I wasn’t going to put that in our bin.

Good news is, that after rain first thing, it has been a warm sunny summer’s day.
I’m sure rain was forecast all day.
Pity it is so wet at Ascot yet again.

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