6 months in the 5th


Acteur, Actrice; Auteur, Autrice

I spotted this poster on a wall near the Cluny Museum this morning, on the way to buy a baguette aux graines de lin after my run. In February the French Academy *finally* accepted that the feminine forms of nouns designating professional roles are grammatically correct. (We've been using them in Canada for quite some time.) I suppose this poster is aiming to do a little public education? It seems that the terms "auteure", "autrice" and "écrivaine" are all acceptable. 

The rest of the day was spent on editorial work, packing and mailing a box of books back to Canada by boat... they'll arrive in 3 months, ojalà! 

We're flying out tomorrow to meet up with my older daughter, mother, sister and her family for a holiday. I expect to have pretty spotty internet so will likely be back-blipping my photos later. Keep well, all of you!

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