Panda's Pics

By pandammonium

Do not want

I bought this box of cat food the other day at Scampers to replace the food Mr Perkins guzzled in no time. When I opened the box today, I discovered it had gone bad in a bad way. I took it back to Scampers and showed them the problem. They exchanged it with no fuss or bother.

Mr Perkins went back to the vet for his check-up this afternoon. He’s gained 100 g of the 700 g he’d lost, so a problem with his thyroid was ruled out. I explained about changing his food; the vet agreed it could be that. He took some blood to rule out any kidney or liver problems. Fingers crossed I get the all clear tomorrow night. Mr Perkins has a bald patch on the side of his neck.

The vet told me he’s leaving the practice. I’m sad about this because I think he’s a good vet and I like his manner and his sense of humour. But I can see the appeal of the practice he’s moving to, and I wish him all the best. Mr Perkins will miss him in his own inimitable way, I’m sure.

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