Bung It Cookery

This should have been a belated yesterday back blip tomorrow morning, but hang it.
Busy for most of a day with a man who can (so could I, but at my age . . . ) who will be canning it again tomorrow, so let’s face it - EB!
Actually dinner worked out well – truly ‘Bung It’ cookery, and I had no idea how it would taste until we sat down with the remains of a bottle of ‘Oyster Bay’ rose, the first part of which was in the dinner.  BINGO!
For those that may be interested – Pork loin cut into medallions and massacred with a steak hammer, marinated in wine, pan fried in olive oil.  Remains of the marination with cream  and lots of black pepper added to then pan and the medallions put back and simmered until I got very hungry.
I won’t go on about catching up with commenting, just watch this space . . .

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