Spot The Difference

Yesterday I blipped about the ‘Man that can’.  Today he did again.
When, last September, I fitted a thermostatic mixing valve on our hot water system I did not guess that with two power showers running at the same time the resistance in the mixer would cause air to be drawn down the hot water expansion pipe.
The simple answer was/is to move the expansion pipe to the cylinder side of the mixer valve, a job that was on my ‘To Do’ list.  Raising the header tank in the loft by a couple of feet would also improve things in the hot water system throughout the house, especially where some bathroom fitters MANY years ago fitted a high pressure basin tap to the low pressure (gravity) system!!! 
Raising water tanks is no longer in my catalogue of ‘John doable' jobs, so I gave it to the man that can, and while he was doing that he may as well do the expansion pipe job as part of the work.
Well to make a long story a bit longer I just could not stand back and have someone do all of my plumbing for me, so I did the alterations on the cylinder while Ken did the header tank. 
I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and we used up a lot of my excess of pipe fittings that have followed me about the country ever since I closed my weekend business back in the early nineties.
The blip is of my part of the job.

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