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Melksham Christmas Lights

While I was in Lacock, I noticed Santa making his escape up a rope ladder, with a shoulder bag of left-over presents on his back. I suspect the ladder may have led to a spiral staircase to the clouds with perhaps a Tardis perched at the top, with Santa's reindeer being looked after probably by the Doctor and Clara Oswin Oswald. I left him to it and returned to Melksham.

A house at the bottom of the road has been in the news for its over-the-top Christmas decorations, created over the years by an electrician named Alex Goodhind. The spectacle has been growing since 1995 and has raised thousands of pounds in recent years for Dorothy House in Bradford on Avon.

According to his website, the display draws 230 Amps at 230 Volts, from a 300 Amp three-phase supply. There are around 180,000 bulbs, 600 metres of cable, 70 waterproof connection boxes, 2,000 cable ties and 200 metres of steel restraining wire. So now you know.


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Escaping Santa
Lacock Lamp
Lacock Bakery
'Merry Christmas'

Lens: Pentax 17-70mm

Melksham Christmas Lights (their website)
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