By hazelh

At the boulangerie

We had a great start to the day with breakfast of pains au chocolat, croissants and tartines at the boulangerie in the village where Andy and Carol's holiday rental property is located. Then the four of us drove the short distance to Andy and Carol's 'main' house in Vaison La Romaine.

We spent most of the afternoon at the lunch table in Andy and Carol's garden with their friends Julian and Martine. Although we were in the shade under an enormous canopy, it was baking outdoors and I was obliged to take refuge inside at one point. Mr hazelh and I are really struggling with the heat here. We'd much rather be lying on the beach in Barra of a week ago.

After lunch the four of us walked down through the village to the newer part of town. We crossed the Roman bridge and peered into the archeological site of Puymin (which looked rather like a mini Pompeii or Herculaneum).

This evening the two couples have split. Mr hazelh and I are back at the rental property and Andy and Carol at their own house. We will reconvene for more fun in the sun tomorrow.

My blip shows the sign above the boulangerie where we had breakfast.

Exercise today: none.

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