New cousins

Oh what fun we had this afternoon when Mr hazelh's 'new' third cousin Guy came to visit us with his son Enrico (Mr hazelh's fourth cousin once removed), and his wife Marzia!

We served tea, scones and cake in our area (front yard) and chatted non-stop for ages. The conversation could have continued until dark had Enrico not decided that two and a half hours of our company was quite enough and started grizzling.

We are delighted to have met this branch of the family: we only learnt of Guy's existence a couple of weeks ago on 5th June (even though we have lived within walking distance of one another for quite a long time). We'll definitely see them again, especially since we have discovered a shared passion for board games...

Also today we popped over to Emma's house to collect her garden shredder. Mr hazelh put this to good use before and after the exciting afternoon visit. Emma served us some delicious cinnamon buns in her garden - a third breakfast for me after toast at 06:00 and porridge at 08:00!

Bella rang at lunchtime, so we enjoyed catching up with her. We have missed our visits to Biggar and hope that we can resume these again soon.

Exercise today: a bit of walking taken mostly when pottering in the garden while Mr hazelh shredded (9559 steps).

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