By schorschi

Dem Bones

My goodness, how time flies. I don't want to know when I last heard/sang this.

Did an early, early walk as Luna had an appointment at the vets in the morning. As she will be lightly sedated, she musn't eat overnight. Luckily she didn't get to have a chew on the animal skeleton which was on the path. Have no idea what it is. Delivered Luna home as instructed & Angie set off with her & Jerry the cat to have a bump looked at.

Bad news was that Luna is pretty much a walking pain with double HD & arthritis. I didn't fully hear the tale of misery. My views on the matter are not of consequence here so will leave that aside. Matter made worse because she, like I guess many dogs & especially border collies don't know the meaning of pain. The only giveaway is the initial limping when they get up.

However, exercise is important & so in the evening we set off for Ottobeuren & despite the occasional bit of drizzle, she enjoyed two swims & a good trot around the Schickling route.

I had spent too much time today on Twitter but luckily being the longest day it had more minutes than any other. Need every one of them with the minute for minute chaos of UK news: from the appalling scene of a strong man, in a position of authority & in historic noble surroundings, to use brutal inappropriate force against a knowingly weaker opponent. And then another person in a position of authority was found guilty of having committed fraud against his country's citizens & ended with the police visiting the person wanting probably the top job in their country, to inquire about potential violence. All three persons have a common link which I have forgooten now.

Too much for my frail constitution so I attacked the kitchen & set about getting some calories - no chocolate in the house.

Hammered flat pork escalopes from the butcher, coated in flour, dipped in beaten eggs from our chickens, covered with breadcrumbs made from our own old dried bread & slpped into the hot oil.

Meanwhile frozen supermarket chips in the oven (pan-fried sauteed potatoes would have been better but only if they had been boiled yesterday). Cucumber peeled & cored (chickens love seeds which are not very digestible by my system & anyway make the sauce watery, thinly sliced into a sauce made of own-made apple vinegar, own honey, a dash of olive oil & whipping cream & unnecessarily decorated with some chives from the garden.

The whole lot on the plate, a few capers, a squeeze of plastic! lemon juice, a pint of wheat beer (in the wrong type of glass) & off to eat my Schnitzel Fest, alone in front of the late late late night TV to have the day's events shown to me on the big screen. Angie had gone to bed hours before.

And the great thing, after I had devoured two of the monsters (that is a 28cm - 11" plate) I didn't feel guilty about the calories, eating meat on a Friday, eating meat at all, the glass, the plastic lemon, the alcohol, the un-vegan cream & honey, the salt.....

Not a millisecond of guilt or remorse. I reckon I have a way to go before I get to match the stage at which our leaders & role models find it necessary to feel remorse or guilt about anything.

PS I slept well too, despite the overloaded skeleton.

PPS I hope the skeleton in my photo is not Larry the No.10 cat. Someone new said to be moving in there soon & they are likely to be put out on the pavement at night by their partner - Larry could console  & cuddle them until the press turn up in the morning & get his straw covered & filled head bobbing around in the warmth of the flashbulbs.

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