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By arkensielphoto

Tea Clipper

A keep fit class this morning, followed in the afternoon, by a visit to our new dentist.

Our previous dentist has retired and so this was our first visit to “The Courtyard” dentist. I do need a crown on my upper left back tooth, but I had been discussing this with my previous dentist and never got round to getting it fitted. I also have to see the hygienist, something my previous dentist dod not have. We went to the dentist he suggested and we were very impressed. I have had my cobalt denture plate for at least twenty years, if not longer, so as it it slightly loose, but does not bother me, I might get it replaced. It seems these plates do not usually last as long as mine has done. Obviously they are now very much improved and they can match it better to my own teeth, giving me a slightly improved look so I might in the future also replace the plate.

Our appointments took a long time, but afterwards, on our way back to the car park we stopped to get a very late breakfast. On arriving home I took today's picture with my iPhone; it is of my David Austen rose, Tea Clipper. 

It was eighteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon and overall a warm and pleasant day.

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