Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


Well Dougal thinks he is he only one who can write in the journal, well I can as well. Today I was lured outside to have my photograph taken; I soon went back indoors. I spent my birthday, which was yesterday, having a duvet day and that is exactly where I went after this picture was taken. Unlike Dougal I am a girl of few words so my Mummy can write the rest.

After taking a picture of Florence I did some gardening, helped and hindered by Dougal who wanted to be exactly where I was. It came over quite dark just before lunch so I stopped gardening and went indoors. I did some work in the small vegetable patch and then weeded a small border and a larger one although that one still needs some more work and some more small shrubs.

It was eighteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon; it was dry and quite warm during the morning. There were a few spots of rain at 1400 hours, but then the sun came out again. My temperature blanket is now up-to-date and needs to be blipped again. However, it looks as though it is going to be very hot next week so I will wait until then when we get some more orange rows.

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