Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

We are Twelve

Today is my birthday and Florence and Sybil, our other sister's birthday too. Her human Mummy forgot and had to be reminded again this year. Usually we both have our pictures taken for blip, but Florence is having a duvet day and refused to come outside. I was not in the mood to pose by myself, so she took this one of me, from across the other side of the orchard, sharpening my claws on the old pear tree. They needed to be sharpened as I caught a mouse this morning. I did not eat it as we had a birthday breakfast; it ran away into the grass when I came in for some Dreamies.

Our human Mummy went out to the gym to see her personal trainer this monring and then went into town; I do not think she bought us a present; I did not see anything in her bag when she came home.

Oh yes, before I go, I have to mention that It was sixteen degrees Celsius at GMT noon; it was dry and quite warm during the morning, but it rained during the afternoon and I got wet as no one opened the door for me.

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