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We Are Teenagers

Today we are teenagers, which means that I get to write in the journal.
Today’s picture is of me and Florence (Dougal, it is Florence and I) as I said today’s picture is of me and Florence with our presents, we did not like them. They move about and make a lot noise; I do not like noisy things. Anyway, we were supposed to have just one to share, but our silly Mummy thought the first one was broken because she could not charge it. It needed batteries, those little round things, not a charger which you plug into a computer! Anyway, she bought another one at the last minute, complete with a charger. She thought about keeping one for Christmas, but decided we should have one each. Well we do not like them.; Daddy agreed with us and also thought they were a stupid idea! 
And then they went quiet and I crept up to them and ate some Dreamies, Florence was braver than me and had a good old sniff at them. We are included in the extras.
As you can see from the picture, we were not impressed with the fish, but we also got a big drum of “Dreamies” and Florence got a new collar. I did not get one as I had a new one a little while ago, because I lost mine. The other day Daddy found it, but Mummy said she was not going to re-program my food bowl so I have to keep this disk and this collar. My old collar was blue and this one is a horrid black!
It is our older sister Sybil’s birthday today; she is a few hours older than me and Florence, I wonder if her Mummy remembered it was her birthday. Her Mummy is very busy so she might have forgotten.

And I have to remember to add in the weather, which was seventeen degrees Celsius at GMT noon.   

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