Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Poppy and Hoverfly

Today’s picture is of a Poppy with a Hoverfly on it. I was going to blip a Poppy with a bee inside the petals, but because the bee was moving about it is not in focus. The bee appeared to be stuck so I moved the petals so that it could flu out; this it did. Thirty seconds later it was back inside the poppy flower again.
I did some proof reading for the focus group I belong too; in fact I read two papers. I have one more to do, which has about forty pages; I can decline to do it, but it looks interesting. Maybe it will be something I do tomorrow.
The afternoon was spent catching up with some reading and doing various jobs.

The temperature was sixteen   degrees Celsius at GMT noon, noticeably cooler and at times overcast with some rain.

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