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By arkensielphoto

What Happened To My Tail?

This morning I worked in the garden for about two hours. I have now made a section, beside the new, small pond, for a marshy area; now I need to go to Scotsdales again. I also planted some bedding flowers near the pond area as well as another tub, with some left over plants. Hopefully everything will still be there in the morning. I also heard a frog “plopping” into the small pond while I was working, but I did not see it; there appears to be at least one frog in residence. 

Today's picture was one of the four squirrels we were watching while eating lunch. This one, which we think is the skinny tailed one, now appears to have lost the end of its tail. I hope it was not Dougal or Florence that did this damage, but something wild that it escaped from.

Not a lot else happening and so this afternoon I have been catching up with paperwork, some computer work and of course some knitting. I need to get the temperature blanket up-to-date before continuing with my waistcoat.

It was nineteen degrees Celsius ay GMT noon and had been dry and warm all morning; rain is forecast for this afternoon.

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