Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Kissing? No, Just A Faceoff

I am finding it very difficult to do nothing so I have spent much of the morning proofreading some documents.
I took a lot of photographs this morning as there were deer, foxes, male and femail pheasants as well as a lot of other birds in the garden; often at the ame time. In the end I chose for my main picture this Reeves Muntjac and male Pheasant having a faceoff. They got very close to each other and then both backed off at the same time. This was not the best photograph as it was taken through the window when they were quite a fair way away. The extra is of our male and female Reeves Muntjac with three Magpies, which kept annoying them and the other creatures in the garden, by flying at them.

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