By Kipsie

Now I've seen it all!

This plastic machine was puzzling me, it's in the hall plugged into the mains, I've walked past it goodness knows how many times a day during my stay here, but what the hell is it. There's a sticker with a danger hazard sign. A hand with a line across. So obviously don't put your hand down into the opening at the top, oh & there were two yellow tennis balls in there .. Surely it's not a ball washer???? Nah! That would be in the utility room, who needs to do that anyway, dirty balls, wash them in soapy water. Well, my curiosity  got the better of me this morning, I was waiting for the washing machine to finish. Bit like waiting for a kettle to boil. I wanted to get over to the allotment early before going home to check on hubby who was'nt feeling too good when he rang me last evening. So, I flicked the power on, the machine started making a weird sound, the next minute a tennis ball shot out, nearly knocking the vases off the dresser. Blimey that was close. Millie knew exactly what was going on as soon as she heard the sound. I thought I would have one more go, re-positioned the machine, thinking it was aiming in a safe direction. Wrong! The next tennis ball shot out at a different angle. Nearly gave me a heart attack. I could see my wages paying for some new china. Well, old china actually. IF it was replaceable lol!! Now then, what I don't get is WHY would  you have a mains electric machine to throw balls for the dog. Unless the dog is trained to place the balls back in the machine at a great rate of knots it's a waste of time. Why not just throw the ball, & outside in preference to indoors. ??? I shall have to ask when J & V return. i shan't loose sleep over it, as nothing was damaged during testing ...... fortunately. But it could explain why Millie will only release a ball that's been thrown to her when you throw ball number 2.
After the above the rest of the day was quite tame .. Took Millie for a walk above Chudleigh, before heading down to the allotment site. I found some binder twine and tied her lead to a pallet in the shade. Then I was able to crack on with a bit of weeding, watering, & tying in. I still have'nt found out what prickly berry I have growing but it's vigorous growth means I had 3 more stems to grapple with. It better be worth all the effort. The blueberry plants are loaded with fruit so they will need netting to protect from birds, they're not quite ripe so will make sure I do that on my next visit. Broad beans are filling so should be picking soon. Stuart, our landlord turned up. His daughter has taken 2 allotment plots next to mine, but dad & mum seem to be up there doing all the graft. Neither of them have too much idea of what they're doing but there is always someone on hand that you can ask and everyone is very helpful. I'm always asking questions, & Jim, my neighbour on the other side tells me what he's feeding etc. which is perfect. The sweet peas and marigolds that I've got growing look a treat, the sweet peas smell lovely. I told Jim to pick them for his wife, Jackie, as I'm picking sweet peas down here in Torquay. I kept telling Millie I won't be long .. then I'd spot another job that needed doing, well before I knew it, it was 11.45. Ops!
Loaded Millie onto the back seat of my car & headed off home. Hubby was NOT happy. Oh dear!! Drove up & fetched a paper, some freshly baked bread rolls plus a few other bitz n bobs, went back to make lunch. NO he did'nt want lunch, did'nt want to make a roll for later. Hey ho!!! I checked the greenhouse, plants were in desperate need of watering. That done, I did'nt hang around. Stopped off at Asda in Torquay to pick up some more of their delicious apricots which are on offer at £1 a punnet. They're really sweet, which was a nice surprise the first time I bought them, so making the most of them while I can.
Glorious afternoon, so I sat in the sunshine, read the paper, did the crossword & sudoku, then scanned the Garden News. I would quite like to subscribe to a gardening magazine but not sure which. I think there are a couple of others so will buy a copy to compare first. By 5pm it was cooling down so Millie and I went down into Cockington village then along  the water meadows, which are quite magical at the mo, coming out on Torquay seafront opposite  Livermead Sands. Millie had obviously been down on the beach before so off we went. The tide was quite high but there was just enough beach for us to walk along to the end. some lovely seaweeds washed up on the tide which Millie took great delight in eating. :( Walking back towards home I noticed there was a bowls match going on, & a cricket match on the next piece of ground ... so quintessentially English. Once we got back, I watered all the planters, dead headed the roses, & wrestled with some more bindweed. I would hard prune a lot of the shrubs in this garden as they have become very woody, not performing very well, but it's not my garden. Then it was 7.15. Easy dinner, Brown cap mushrooms in a wholegrain mustard, fresh thyme & cream sauce on one of those triangular brown seeded rolls that all the supermarkets bake off in store. That toasted, shrooms on top. Perfect washed down with a Magners.
Read a review earlier for an itv 2 part drama on tomorrow night & Monday called Beecham House. Sounds interesting, so hope I don't forget it's on.

Thanks to admirer for hosting :)

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