By Kipsie

Daisy, daisy ........................

It will be a stylish marriage,
We can afford this carriage........................

This carriage can be hired to take the bride & groom to, from, or to & from the registry office at Cockington Court. You can also jump on board from Torquay seafront for a trip around Cockington village I believe. A lovely way to travel, any time.  I remember back in my youth going with a pony called Mandy, & cart to the nearest town, Bovey Tracey to do some shopping. We "parked" in the Cromwell Arms car park. Blimey! That's going back a few years lol!! She used to fart as she trotted .. not attractive being sat behind her.
Swiftly moving on to today's activities .. I finished Lyrebird .. bit far fetched. Millie & I had a pretty level walk this morning, I promised her a longer walk this afternoon. :) I love walking past peoples gardens. I'm really nosy. All sorts going on in my head. Oh, Lysimachia puntata, (It's all in there, my head that is, somewhere) that would do well in my garden. That lawn  is really overgrown, bet they're elderly. A couple of bungalows further along, builders bags, & a skip with a bath, ripped out kitchen cabinets, guttering .. in the driveway. Renovations going on .... Lovely year for Deutzias. One property has the sharpest hedges I've ever come across. I'm talking precision cutting. The lawn immaculate. I talk to Millie as well. She wants to eat the cherries that are falling off a tree along the pavement, & I explain to her that she'll get bellyache.  Nutbush Lane, well that automatically makes me think of you know what, is virtually all bungalows, both sides of the road, perfect retirement properties, but I guess some of them are in need of modernising. Some of them have fabulous views down across Cockington Country park ..We get back from our walk and there's still time to kill before I walk down so carry on with a bit of gardening. 
Glorious blue sky this morning, perfect for a girlie catch up & cultural fix down in Cockington. Met up at 10.30 ... ish. Had a long cup of coffee. The local dog walkers use the cafe as a daily meeting point. Plenty of regulars calling out to each other as they pass by. Must be lovely if you live on your own to know that you will meet someone for a chat when you're walking your dog. I've often found that people will say hello to each other when they have a dog, whereas they would'nt dream of it if on their own. Why is that? I quite often say good morning, or pass comment on the weather to people I pass. It costs nothing to say hello.
Coffee drunk it was time to "do" the 2019 Sculpture Trial. The  first piece that we saw was by an artist I first saw last year in the park, Louise Hensby Dixon. I love her dots. I'm going to paint my patio table with a similar design, I think it will look really funky. We did the complete trail, some of the art I loved, & some ................ well art is very subjective. Time to lunch. I had the cream tea .. A gert big scone, definitely needed twice the amount of clotted cream given. Time to get back to Millie.
A nice long walk down around  the park in the late afternoon sunshine then back for a cider on the patio. Perfect!

Thanks to BikerBear/Annie for hosting

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