By seizetheday


Last week, Paul M brought his guitar over for a couple of minor adjustments, and MrM offered to take it back to him this weekend.
So, early this afternoon, we set off for Bellingham in glorious sunshine.

After Paul had played his guitar and we'd enjoyed a slice of Fiona's amazing coconut and lime cake, we went for a walk through the forest from Sidwood. By then, the sun had disappeared, but it was fine walking weather and we set off on a circular route up to Swine Hill, hoping to look at the remains of a Peel tower that's marked on the map. Alas, if it still exists it was hidden under vegetation and there was no sign of it. A good walk all the same, even though the midges were out in force - ah, the joys of the countryside! (I itch as I write!)

Wild flowers in profusion but, in one particular spot only, two sorts of wild orchid. I know very little about them, but according to sources on t'internet, the one in the main blip is a Common Spotted Orchid and, in the extra, a Northern Marsh Orchid (or possibly a hybrid of the two).

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