By seizetheday

Muscovy bath time

Quick trip to the local Vampire this morning for a blood test, a whole armful if the number of vials she filled was anything to go by! She apologised for running a bit late, but in truth it was very pleasant waiting outside in the sun, so I was happy.

Spent most of the day pretending to be a Domestic Goddess, then joined MrM for an evening walk up to the Common, by the direct route. We had intended to make it a relatively brief jaunt, as MrM still had things to do in the workshop, but a trip to the Common is never quick! We stopped for a while to watch the ducks at the smallholding - this little guy was enjoying his bath immensely (extra). Round the path twice - we spotted a red squirrel by one of the feeders each time, and lingered the second time to watch it, and we also went through the woods to 'Cyril's hide'. Paused again to watch a roe deer cross the path...
By the time we got home, we had been out for over two hours, and MrM didn't feel inclined to go back to work!

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