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Calne In Bloom: Open Gardens (Sunday 23 June 2019)

I spent many hours yesterday trudging the mean streets of Calne, visiting all but a couple of the dozen of gardens raising money for the Mayor's Charities. Actually they were spread out so much that after a couple of hours on foot north of where I live I hobbled home for lunch and then took the car Archie for the remaining five to the south, the furthest away being in Quemerford.
Although I have now processed most of them, log in problems at Flickr mean I have so far uploaded only some. There was a great diversity of gardens, some tiny cottage gardens and a couple in posh houses on the Green. I spoke to most of the hosts and hostesses and some of the visitors, including some who gave me a lift to one of the houses while I was looking for it, and met a lovely black cat called Shadow on a sloping lawn that runs down to the River Marden.
I chose this for its quirkiness which was one of the traits of the gardens. Even the poshest house had two full-size elephants in the garden.
This comes from a wildlife-friendly two-level garden in Shelburne Rd, whose owners also run a rather luxurious cattery.
I enjoyed seeing them all, but when I got back to my own woodland garden I decided I wouldn't swap it for any of them.

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Calne In Bloom - Open Gardens, 23 June 2019 (Flickr album of 46 photos)
Click on any image to see which garden it was in. More details in the Open Gardens 2019 Interactive Map.

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Wendy René - After Laughter (Comes tears) (recorded 1964, Stax Studios, Memphis TN)
I was struck by this when Cillian Murphy (I think) played it on the radio last month. I like to play new discoveries here (or things relevant to the day), but it turned out I did have this in my collection, downloaded from a box set of Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968, but I don't think I'd heard it since 2009 so I think it counts. Wendy René was actually named Mary Frierson and was the composer of this tune. She was backed by the Drapels vocal group alongside Booker T and the MGs.

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