By HeidiHH


Time show off my garden a bit here... :-)

The heat wave that is on Middle and Southern Europe in now on us. Not only did it bring the Africa simulation in warmth, but we also got the dust. I have not been feeling good today. My nose runs all the time. I sneeze all the time. My cheeks hurt from all the building mucus. I think I need to take ibuprofen for the pain. I took an extra antihistamine, but it does not help much. We also went down to the beach to breath some salty air and to swim of course. It helped for as long we were there.

I did some sewing in the morning today between sneezing. Mostly these days are about survival. The heat is brutal. Officials have warned some places that the asphalt might start to melt. Not in our area. Luckily we get the cooler sea breeze and when you sit in the shade and get the breeze life is pretty good. Inland living must exhausting.

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