The shoe cream of cosmic contemplation

So, a new day and no time to lose in getting that phone replaced. Having done the maths, it was clearly preferable to buy a phone outright and continue with my SIM only network deal. And then the money I’d get from the insurance would reduce that one-off pain. So, Apple store here I come - all the phones are bigger than the fine old SE that I had where my thumb could stretch all over the screen allowing one handed operation. So important but I’ll get over it. This new Xs is rather nice, so off I go home with it in my bag. 
Only problem - once I contact the insurers they’ll replace my SE (though none are available through any outlets) and not give me any money. Bah. Pay the excess and get a new SE or pay ten times that amount for a new Xs I never really wanted… no contest.
So, what’s been happening. Boris Johnson front runner to lead the Tories… and the country? Seriously? Instead of Gove? Or that odd Stewart character?
That indolent buffoon, charlatan and serial liar (isn’t charlatan a wonderful word?). This is  the constituency MP who declared he would lie down in front of the bulldozers that began construction of the third runway at Heathrow - and then engineered a pointless trip to Afghanistan to avoid voting against it, at a cost to the taxpayer of more than £20,000. I think I may have to look again at SK's plan B - or Plan A according to her.

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