Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


When I went out into the garden early this morning, in the rain, and on Mr. HCB’s recommendation, to look at our Clematis “Blue Angel”, I wasn’t quite tall enough to take a photograph as most of the blooms that are open are quite high up on the fence.

Undeterred, but not wanting to get out the steps, and of course, in the rain, that would have been silly (!) I just gently pulled some of the flowers down, but sadly one of the thin stems bent over in my hand.  I then decided to break it off and take it indoors, so that I could take some better photographs and enjoy the beauty of it on my windowsill.

I rather liked this one, which isn’t particularly tiny, I know, but the buds and the stamens are, so hope this will pass muster for Tiny Tuesday.

I have had a rash on the back of my left knee for a couple of weeks now but the cream the GP gave to me doesn’t seem to be helping, so encouraged by Mr. HCB and our next door neighbour, Lynn, I made another appointment to see the doctor.  She thinks I have cellulitis so I now have some antibiotics to try and clear this up.  It is quite sore at the moment, and I should keep my leg elevated, so I guess walking quite a long way today after I had visited my Mother in hospital didn’t really help!  

I have been sensible this afternoon and did elevate my leg while watching the first two episodes of Beecham House - not quite sure about it - I still see Lesley Nicol as the Housekeeper in Downton Abbey rather than “an English lady of considerable means”, but perhaps it will get better as the weeks go on.

Just had a call from my Mother to say she is at home and the carer will be going in between 7 and 9 a.m. tomorrow morning - hopefully she will sleep well tonight in her own bed.

Thank you for all your kind comments, stars and hearts over the last few days - I am sorry not to have responded, but I have been very tired, with all that’s been happening.  I don’t want to turn my comments off, but please excuse my lack of comments for the next few days.  

"In the dark times, 
     will there also be singing? 
Yes, there will be singing - 
     About the dark times."
Bertolt Brecht

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