Silly Saturday ....

.... Orange hair?!?

Today was an absolutely perfect Summer day .... nice low humidity and mid 80° F. temps.

So ... it was off to the Lehigh Valley Zoo! I think everyone had the same idea as the parking lot was full! In the Spring we had bought an annual pass so we are trying to get our money's worth.  It's not a huge zoo but it has some amazing animals!  

Our first stop after finding a parking space was at the Mexican Gray Wolf exhibit.  We were pleasantly surprised to see wolves at the front of the enclosure ... usually they are way in the back out of camera range! Isn't he beautiful!?!

We then took our time walking around to see all the other animals.  I have included many of them in my collage .... but there's lots more! I have named all these animals in my tags. We saw lots of silly sights but the silliest had to be the woman's orange hair!! I'm not saying the woman is silly .... just the hair!

Also included in my collage is the first monarch caterpillar we have seen this season.  I actually took this picture last night on our walk at Housenick Park. 

Backblipped: June 25, 2019.

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