Here and Now

By Mole

Riding Red

A beautiful summer day with no rain. :):):)

I jumped on Red Raleigh and got maybe an eighth of a mile, changed gears to go uphill, and the chain came off. Not a surprise. RR needs a tuneup, but I decided to just GO while the spirit moved me. I haven’t ridden in 3 years.

A most gentlemanly young teenage boy (Dan) offered to help and I accepted. He was wearing a boot with a broken foot, mowing the grass when I originally passed him. He hobbled up the hill to help me. How kind!

I took a several spins around the cemetery then through the retirement village and headed home on the SC2 rail path in the cool shade. It was Fantastic.

When I got home I registered for Paddling and Pedaling in July. Full circle to 1989. Wow.

I don’t know if bicycles are allowed in the cemetery. None of the residents seemed to mind.

Thanks for your visits and comments.

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