By Kipsie

Any ol' iron, matresses, matress springs ..

in fact anything that can be recycled, upcycled, re-purposed, sold for scrap or feed the livestock, well I'm hoping livestock, & not human consumption. That does'nt bear thinking about. This lady was in Marmaris, Turkey two weeks ago, not Chudders. I asked her if I could take her photo , she nodded & even gave me a smile. I can remember the rag & bone man coming through the village back in the day, we also had Jack Sweetland, he used to come around the village on Sunday morning collecting vegetable waste for his pigs, he used to carry it in a hessian sack slung over his shoulder. I reckon you could have grown a fine crop of runner beans on that old suit jacket, brown, with a white pin stripe. Well it was Sunday. Mum & Dad had the pub then but it would only have been domestic veg waste, bar snacks consisted of Smiths potato (flavours had not been thought about .... yet) crisps, pickled onions, pickled eggs, or jars of cockles. Jack kept a couple of pigs at the bottom of his garden.

Today's plan A was pick up a friend home from Barbados, visiting family, go up on Dartmoor for a runabout followed by lunch in the sunshine, snapping some amazing photos of Dartmoor ponies for my wide wednesday transport blip then home. Well when I got to the allotment at 6.15am you could'nt see the moor, three hours later after being very industrious, clearing a patch ready to plant sweetcorn plugs & French bean plants, giving everything a good watering plus removing the very active bindweed it was still not in view. Plan B was required, options B & C were - Teignmouth & Shaldon ( probably limited viz like the moor), or Dartington for some up-market retail therapy. We went to Dartington .. Had a lovely browse around the various shopping layout. 'Kitchen shop' kitchen utensils & gadgets for everything you might possibly need or not, but buy because you think it is such a good idea at the time. Some gadgets we puzzled over. Egg poaching options were limited, but there were collapsible funnels. We pondered over the Dartington glass, mainly alcohol related. I had'nt even heard of 'Copa' glasses. Where've I been for the past ....?? I like my G&T in a slim Jim glass, well I did when I could drink G&T's now they're calling them 'Slim Gin' glasses, as well as Copa. We decided that Jane could'nt possibly pack them in check in luggage, & carry on might be a problem as glass would very probably be seen as a possible weapon, so we left them on the shelf. Do people still but decanters? I, correction, my husband & I,  have a Dartington glass decanter  given as a wedding present. New Dartington glass ship's decanter £115. Well, I'm going to dig that one out for the next car boot sale. Probably be lucky to get a tenner for it, & mines, correction, ours, is 39 years old at least.  We swiftly moved through 'Cards & gifts', I did make a small purchase there, then we entered 'Home Ware' everything very grey & mustard, & boring so headed off to 'ReSTORE', some quirky bits in there but nothing amazing. Time for lunch, we headed to Bayard's Kitchen on site. I had the falafel, roasted veggie & humus wrap but did'nt want the coleslaw as I knew I would'nt be able to eat it, & don't like waste, as you already know. Well, my wrap looked so peaky when it was put in front of me, I almost felt sorry for it.  That was it on the plate. THE WRAP. I opened it slightly to see what was inside. 3 falafel no bigger than a quail's egg, the smallest amount of roasted veggies (aubergine, undercooked, sweet pepper, & onion, a smear of humus and 2, being generous, lettuce leaves torn. I went to fetch cutlery and by the time I had returned to the table it had unfurled into a deconstructed wrap. Not very appetising but it filled the gap. By the time we'd finished lunch the sun was shining. Too late for today. Jane will be home again in August.

I'm gone .... Time to make dinner

Thanks to Freyjad for the tag & hosting

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