Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Fun Buggies - Metrocentre

Morrisons as usual this morning.  It wasn't raining for a change.  And it stayed dry all day.  We even had sunshine.

Later on I got the bus to the Metrocentre.  I wanted to get a pair of slippers for Colin.  He's been wearing his " hobnail boots " around the house so I thought he should have some slippers to change into.  Got some nice cheap ones in Shoe Zone.

The Wide Wednesday challenge today is " Transport".  When I spotted this row of Fun Buggies beside Customer Services I thought they fitted the bill. 

The buggies are designed so that " young drivers" can have fun whilst shopping.  An adult is in control of the car and there is space for shopping.  The child gets his/her own driving licence before they set off.  Thanks to Freyjad for hosting.

Musical link Driving In My CAR by Madness

Steps today - 8.259

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