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No, not the A10 American Military Aeroplane, but my Samsung A10 mobile phone, which I purchased yesterday. It is not a replacement for my iPhone, that is never going to happen, but it is an upgrade for the mobile I used for dealing with Open University students. 

The American A10s are my favourite aeroplane, they used to fly over my home when I lived in The Fens. They were almost always flying very low and often dipped their wings when we waved as they went over.
We went into Cambridge again today as we had to collect my husband's new contact lens, which was not ready yesterday. Then we went into town for coffee, cake and lager, lunch. I looked in John Lewis at the Amazon Echo units and decided to purchase one on the way home to save carrying it about all day. When I went back they checked their stock as there were none on the shelf, it was showing that four black ones were in stock. After checking in the stock room there were none, clearly their stock keeping is lacking.

According to my husband, I have been grumpy all day. My daughter, by text, also accused me of being grumpy when replying to her text, so clearly they are both correct. The John Lewis episode made me even more grumpy!

We caught the 1521 hours train home, which is the train that the Joyce Franklin Academy school children catch to go home. As usual they try to get on the train before passengers get off and today managed to knock my husband off the train onto the platform. Fortunately there was no damage to him except squashed sandwiches, which were in his backpack for his tea! It happens quite a lot at Cambridge station too when you are trying to get on the train, whichever school the children attend seems not appear to matter, they still push you out of the way to get the seat they want. Rant over.

The temperature at GMT noon was nineteen degrees Celsius and sunny all day.

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