Well, that was annoying

The first half of the day was all pretty fine. I packed and then cycled up to an excellent lunchtime seminar. And it gave me a blip. It was only after we set off for the airport in a taxi that things started to go pear shaped. First of all, we had trouble locating the taxi (he obviously didn't understand the meet instructions embedded in the taxi ordering system...). As we went along Ferry Road, I went online and could already see that the flight was delayed by 90 minutes. Not good. Then we got stuck in *horrible* traffic on Telford Road, and then every other road we tried to use to get to the airport. Since it took us an hour to get to the airport - unheard of - then it was probably as well the flight was delayed... Hmmm...

Anyway, we went to Brewdog and had a couple of beers, and were joined soon after by C and K, with whom we are travelling. The flight kept getting put back, and put back, until eventually it was cancelled. Apparently, we discovered via some other travellers, because our destination airport has a midnight curfew, or something like that, and we weren't going to make it.

So cue quite a long time standing in a queue to get rebooked, which we have managed for tomorrow, but with two flights (via Luton, ugh). We went back to ours in a taxi, made up a bed for C and K and shared a bottle of wine and a piece of fruit cake. Trying to make the best of a bad job.

A bit of a day of two halves, but at least we're with friends trying to make the best of this. Posting this as a backblip, back in Edinburgh airport on Friday morning, waiting for the first of today's two flights. Let's see how things shape up. So far, all good.

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