Scone date

I think that anyone who knows her, and who sees this table, will know we've been round to see hazelh (and Mr hh too, of course). Tea/coffee and scones. It's the moomins and the fish glug jug that give it away, of course. We had a lovely chat in their front yard, protected from the inclement weather by the arch and a very large umbrella. We managed largely to evade the rain on the way there and back, and indeed through the afternoon when we sat out a couple of times, but had to retreat when the rain came on. It's certainly been changeable today.

Other normal Saturday activities - some reading, pasta night (tagliatelle with a lamb ragu). And - quite exceptionally - we booked a few days away later on in July, shortly after the re-opening. Three weeks tonight we won't be sleeping here. That is unbelievably exciting. Let's hope nothing gets in the way.

Later on we binge watched some more of the Talking Heads. Some good ones tonight (Graham, Wilfred and Marjory).

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