Lots of the new ... that is, a new kitchen waste bin (the old one was a disgrace and thankfully broke this week), new chilli plant (doing well, meles!), newly potted-on M&S coriander plant (also doing well) and approximately half of my old oxalis, now separated, repotted and doing fine (this was the half I wasn't sure about, but it's really thrived since I put it on the kitchen window sill). By my chair in the living room, the little pot into which I placed the one random tuber that fell off when I did the separation has now sprouted out of the compost and grown already to the length of about two inches. I may blip that at some point. And the basil and rosemary featured here are now in larger pots outside and seem to be doing fine. I seem to have sprouted relatively green fingers during lockdown

Odd weather here. Sometimes haar, sometimes heavy rain, sometimes brilliant sunshine. We sat out after dinner, although it was a bit chilly. Afterwards, we watched a couple more of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads, that have been revived and supplemented for lockdown times. They aren't unconditional successes, I have to say.

Earlier on, I finished the peer review I've been doing for the last couple of days and went to fetch our "delivery" box from R&B. This week is contains goat. Scottish goat no less. Now that's going to test our ingenuity. Mr A has already made a homemade Jamaican curry powder.

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