Wilting slightly

On Sunday, some friends brought a single, colourful, fragrant rose from their small garden as a gift. It was the kindest of gifts. I've been watching it develop and now start, slowly, to decay over the last few days. It's amazing how quickly such a rose loses its colour. When it arrived it was more scarlet, and now it's orange.

On another matter, I'm very glad that I booked a Pilates class this afternoon, as it forced me out of the house when I could very well have stayed tied to my laptop all day. I was going to go to the office, but I got delayed in the morning by various things, and then I wanted to wait for a parcel to be delivered as it's an item that will complete my outfit for the big event in July. I was very pleased with it when it arrived. When we got up this morning, it was grey and cold. By mid afternoon, the sun was shining and the sky was completely blue, and it still is at 21.02 in the evening. I walked across the park in both directions, where multiple family and friendship groups were taking the (very warm) air, and it was absolutely glorious. I'm now out of Tribe Classes, so I'll have to decide what to do about that when I get back from our next trip. Talking of that trip, it promises to be very hot. Not too stifling, I hope.

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