Yes, I was tempted. Not by a croissant, but by a pastry just out of shot... (in Artisan, which I've previously blipped but which Mr A hasn't previously visited, but he was very impressed by it). But it was elevenses time, and we'd already done three circuits of Princes Street, having started the shopping process soon after 8am (M&S opens at 8; who knew?). This suited us well, as we had to drop the car off at the garage for the annual service and MOT. So all in all, it's been an expensive day, partly through things procured on Princes Street, partly through things spied on Princes Street and procured on the internet in precisely the right size, and partly through the car, which sailed through, but none the less it costs. We'll have to get a new tyre too, before we drive down sarf in a few weeks.

But back to the shopping. Well, it couldn't have been easier, as we had a perfect lady assistant who jollied Mr A through his hatred of suits, trying on clothes and generally dressing up. He suggested afterwards that he could have claimed to have a chest pain, to bring it all to a close (famously his heart attack in November 2017 came on when he was shopping, and of course ever since he's used that as an excuse). However, I don't think the lady would have fallen for that. She told us about the time a gentleman was asking for help in the changing rooms, and she popped her head around the curtain to see him in frilly pants and a pink bra... But he (Mr A, obviously, not the chap I was just referring to) does scrub up well, if I say so myself. And I may have bought a Radley bag. Well, I have a weakness for them, and it will be useful, and not just for the big event.

Afterwards, I worked through the afternoon, having one of those days where you get a bit more confused rather than clearer about the thread of things, and then thrashed myself at a class at Projekt 42. It was the first time I'd been to their new premises. Very nice too. Except for the leaks they are obviously suffering through the roof. I hope it's a dry summer and they get things sorted for the autumn and winter...

Finally, supper included a portion of broad beans, care of meles on Sunday. Tasty!

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